Tony Day Ph.D.

Co-Founder and CEO

Tony is a PhD enzymologist and molecular geneticist who was recruited to the US from his postdoc at Cambridge University. Tony is an experienced biotechnology executive with more than 20 years of commercialization and R&D experience. He was a former VP of R&D and Business Development @ Solazyme Inc. from six employees through IPO and beyond. He is a consultant to several biotech startups. He is passionate about demystifying health and nutrition and making it actionable to the greatest number of people.
Favorite Healthy Food: All things brassica
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Pork Belly

Landon Steele Ch.E, M.A.Sc

Co-Founder and President

Landon was engineering valedictorian from the University of Waterloo and did her graduate research in biochemical engineering on scholarship at Kyoto University in Japan. Landon has 17 years biotech experience – technical, project and portfolio management and global business development at Genencor (now part of DuPont). She was a successful mobile healthcare services entrepreneur for 10 years who founded, grew and had a successful exit from a company that was on the Inc 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies 3 years in a row. Landon is passionate about entrepreneurship and building a company with healthy principles baked in.
Favorite Healthy Food: Veggie Soup.
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Potato Chips

Peter Jones Ph.D.

Academic Co-Founder, Scientific Director and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Peter is a luminary in nutrition and metabolism research with more than 350 peer reviewed scientific publications. He is a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Food Sciences and Human Nutritional Sciences, the Canada Research Chair in Functional Foods and Nutrition and Director of the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba, Canada. Peter is also the Founder and President, NFH Inc. (Canada’s leading ethical supplement wholesaler).
Favorite Healthy Food: Pita Bread
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Hummus overload

Scientific Advisory Board

150x150Prof. Steven Ziesel, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, Nutrition Research Institute, UNC

Internationally recognized luminary in the research of nutrigenetics and nutrient requirements. Founder of Nutrigene Sciences. Kenan Distinguished Professor in the Department of Nutrition in the Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC. Director of the UNC’s Nutrition Research Institute at the newly formed North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, North Carolina and the UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center.

Krista-VaradyKrista Varady, Ph.D.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Krista is Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Chicago. Her research interests are focused on testing the ability of novel dietary restriction strategies to facilitate weight loss and decrease cardiovascular risk in obese populations, examining the role of adipose tissue in mediating the cardio-protective effects of diet and exercise, and investigating the behavioral factors that influence adherence to dietary restriction strategies. Krista is an expert at developing nutrition and exercise regimes to facilitate weight loss and reduce cardiovascular disease.
Favorite Healthy Food: Salad! Any kind
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Nachos

David-MutchDavid M Mutch, Ph.D.

Nutrition, Genetics and Obesity

David is Associate Professor of Nutrigenomics and Graduate Coordinator of Bioinformatics in the Department of Human Health and Nutrition, Guelph University. David’s research focuses on understanding the underlying genetic components of obesity, as well as the link between dietary fats and inflammation.
David is an expert at studying diet-gene interactions to better understand why people respond differently to lifestyle interventions.
Favorite Healthy Food: Lentils
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: White Chocolate

Eric Stice, Ph.D.

Translational Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology

Eric is a Principal Investigator at the Oregon Research Institute. His research focuses on elucidating factors that increase risk for onset of eating disorders, obesity, depression, and drug abuse.

He has created an eating disorder prevention program that successfully reduced eating disorder in millions of young women in over 120 countries as part of the Unilever sponsored Dove Self-esteem Project. Dr. Stice has conducted multiple prospective studies investigating eating pathology, body mass, and depression. Several involved brain imaging, genotypes, and their interactions.
Favorite Healthy Food: Nuts and Arugula
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Fast Cars and India Pale Ale

graham-finlaysonGraham Finlayson, Ph.D.

Psychobiology of Human Motivation

Graham is Associate Professor in Biopsychology in the Faculty of Medicine & Health, University of Leeds, UK. Graham’s research focuses on understanding underpinnings of control of human appetite and why people overeat. His recent research involves examining psychological and behavioral parameters of food reward in relation to physiological and metabolic adaptations that occur during weight loss.
Favorite Healthy Food: Drinking Milk
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Drinking Milk from the Carton

Melina Jampolis M.D.

Physician Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Melina is an internist and board certified physician nutrition specialist (one of only a few hundred practicing in the United States). She specializes exclusively in nutrition for disease prevention, weight loss and treatment. In 2005, Dr. Melina hosted a program on the Discovery Network’s FIT TV titled “Fit TV’s Diet Doctor” and she currently serves as the diet and fitness expert for CNN Health.com. She is the immediate past President, National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists.

Favorite Healthy Food: Blueberries
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

Business Advisory Board

terry-cunninghamTerry Cunningham

Accomplished CEO

Terry is a visionary business leader and strategist with a track record of building successful companies and partnerships. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been CEO at some of Silicon Valley’s most recognized software companies including Seagate Software, Coral8, Veritas, Evault and Springpath.
Favorite Healthy Food: Bulletproof Coffee
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Affogato with chocolate gelato

Genet-GaramendiGenet Garamendi

Senior Vice President Global Corporate Communications, Sustainability & Government Relations TerraVia (formerly Solazyme)

Currently Genet is responsible for all corporate communications strategy, corporate brand positioning, executive communications and media relations. She was VP of Communications at Premier Retail Networks, anin-store media network located in over 6000 stores with more than 250 million viewers a month for Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and some of the largest grocery stores nationwide. Before that she was Director of Publicity for TLC Network, part of Discovery networks . Genet has 20 years of experience in communications in a variety of sectors from government to television media.
Favorite Healthy Food: Avocado on Dave’s Killer bread with sea salt and cracked pepper
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching Game of Thrones

Shahid-RashidShahid Rashid, MBA

Digital Health Entrepreneur

Shahid has extensive product development experience and has engineering degrees from Berkeley and the University of Illinois and an MBA from MIT. He was a director of product management at Oracle. He was co-founder and COO of digital health company, Atlas5D. Shahid is a mentor at the UCSF Entrepreneurship Center and is passionate about using technology to improve health. Favorite
Healthy Food: Carrots and Apples
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Apres-ski chili dog

kevinKevin Fowler

Software Engineer

Kevin works as a staff software engineer at LinkedIn. His big-company experience ranges from building system software at Apple to launching large-scale products at Amazon including the Amazon App Store, Amazon Work Docs, and Amazon Coins. At the San Diego Supercomputer Center, he led the development of the NIH-funded Next Generation Biology Workbench and the NSF-funded Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation (NEES). Kevin’s startup experience includes stints at nCircle Network Security, Tresidder Networks, Specific Media, and—most recently—Connectifier (acquired by LinkedIn in February 2016).
Favorite Healthy Food: Wild Alaskan Salmon Sashimi
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Kevin Bludso’s BBQ Beef Brisket

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