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How does Crave Control work?

Crave Control is a series of response training / attention training games that can be played online or in an app.  They are short, they are fun and they are challenging.  Over time they train your brain to respond more to healthy food and less to unhealthy food.  This has been clinically proven to reduce desire for unhealthy foods over time and lead to weight loss.  Additional, larger studies are underway.

Why is Crave Control different?

Weight Loss is a challenge, and it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  There are so many different diets out there, and we are all constantly tempted by foods we love, but that are less healthy. We call these “sabotage foods”.  It takes so much will power to resist these, and often when we are tired and stressed, we lose that battle. Over 90% of people report craving sabotage foods when they are trying to lose weight and over 60% of people report giving in to their sabotage food cravings even when they are not hungry.

Crave Control trains your brain to have less desire for those foods, and makes it easier to stick with your healthy eating plan.  Food response and attention training targets implicit processes rather than relying on willpower or effortful control to change behavior.

What is a sabotage food?

A sabotage food is a food you love, a food you crave, a food that you find yourself eating too much of, sometimes with the sensation that you just can’t stop.  Generally, these foods tend to be less healthy, but everyone has their own set.  Some people can’t resist potato chips, others crave pizza and some find cookies or chocolate to be more tempting.  Often sabotage foods are loaded with fat, sugar and/or salt.

Will I never want to eat my sabotage food again?

Our goal is not that you never want to eat a cookie again, but that you have the power to resist eating cookies if a plate is set in front of you.  We put you back in control and let you make your own choices about what foods to eat at any given time.  In a clinical trial, the brains of participants were imaged when they looked at pictures of their sabotage foods.  The reward centers “lit up” significantly less after training than before training, suggesting they were more in control of their desire for that food.

How is Crave Control different than a weight loss drug?

  1. Crave Control is faster and less expensive to develop than a weight loss drug, but it also needs to go through clinical validation and show significant outcomes.  That process has started, but more work is needed.
  2. Most weight loss drugs have significant and sometimes very serious side effects.  Most weight loss drugs can be contraindicated if patients are on other medications.  Crave Control, on the other hand, has no side effects.
  3. The current standard of care for obesity requires a great deal of willpower, sometimes assisted by weight loss drugs that may reduce hunger.  However Crave Control targets implicit processes by training attention and response away from unhealthy foods.  The need for willpower appears to be reduced in the work done so far.
  4. Crave Control can be tailored to your personal sabotage foods.
  5. Crave Control can be easily scaled and adapted to diverse global markets.

When will SNPitty be fully operational?

SNPitty has a big vision and an amazing team. We are building partnerships, building our app, and working fast. We are actively fundraising.

How do I talk with you about investment opportunities?

Please reach out to us at info@SNPitty.net, and let’s start the conversation.

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