The SNPitty Story

2016-08-03-14.36.51Tony and Landon have spent their careers working in biotech and healthcare. They both had successful exits from previous businesses, but have both seen how the relentless pace and the stress of those businesses could take a toll on their personal health and wellness.

While working as a scientific consultant, Tony recruited the scientific advisory board for a company selling heart healthy cooking oil, delved deeply into the primary literature and surrounded himself with world experts on this topic. He learned so much about healthy and unhealthy fats that he took action in his own life. He finally felt he had the tools and the understanding to change some habits – he lost 40 pounds, reversed the progress of his metabolic syndrome and dramatically improved his blood lipid profile.

snpLandon was on an independent, but similar journey – after years of running a 24/7/365 healthcare services company, she was overweight, tired and stressed. She really didn’t want to wind up like the frail, elderly and homebound patients she dealt with every day. She tried making changes on her own but couldn’t make progress. She eventually found some incredible coaches and learned new ways of eating, exercising and being more mindful. She lost over 35 lbs and has kept it off for several years.She has a passion for finding ways of making healthy eating and exercise a priority despite a non-stop life. She has also learned a lot about her own complex behavioral psychology around food and fitness, and wanted to work with people who would bake that in to her next venture.

Birth of SNPitty

When Tony learned about Nutrigenetics (the science of nutrition and genetics) from Distinguished Prof. Peter Jones, our academic co-founder, author of over 350 publications, and head of a major Nutrition Research Institute, he knew that this was an idea whose time was now. They reached out to Landon and SNPitty was born!

We are in an incredible period where our understanding of Nutrigenetics is exploding and the cost of doing the genetic testing is becoming more and more accessible. There is a vibrant digital health industry emerging and the medical community is becoming more aware of the value of prevention, and how much of that can be accomplished with lifestyle changes. People want personalization, and new apps and wearable technology make it easier than ever.

We are on the journey with you. We are continuing to raise funds and would love to talk to you if you want to be an early pioneer or an investor. Come join our adventure as we make cutting edge weight-loss and wellness science actionable, effective and fun!

Join us. Be a pioneer in the next wave of personalized weight-loss.

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