What if weight-loss really worked?

Building Healthy Lives

We are all looking to build lives that keep us healthy and happy. We are bombarded by conflicting nutrition and wellness advice daily.

  • Should I eat more fat or less?
  • Should I avoid eggs or are they OK now?
  • What about carbs, gluten and sugar?
  • Which diet and exercise plan will work best for me?

We now know that the answer is different from person to person based on their genetics. SNPitty (pronounced “snip–itty”) is a new, precision wellness company that will guide you to the most effective plan for you and will be by your side to encourage, support and motivate you to reach your personal goals. We make it simple for you.

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Let Your Genetics Work For You

Our world-class team is dedicated to giving you simple, actionable advice and ongoing encouragement and guidance.

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