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Building Healthy Lives

We are all looking to build lives that keep us healthy and happy. There are many healthy diets out there, and most can be effective if followed, but how do I stick with it when faced with my irresistible favorite foods?

SNPitty (pronounced “snip–itty”) is a new, personalized nutrition company that will help you reach your goals. First step: let’s start with those cravings.  What if we could significantly reduce your cravings for sabotage foods?  That makes everything else easier.  Our Crave Control App has been clinically proven to do that.

Crave Control App

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Kick your sabotage foods to the curb

Our simple app from a world-class team will train your brain to reduce the power of your personal sabotage foods. When you are in control, it is so much easier to stick with the best diet for you.

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